Welcome to my site!

I’m a millennial (just) living in the South East of England, who is slowly edging my way towards Financial Independence.  How am I doing this?  By working hard, saving hard, and optimising every part of my life the best I can.  It’s not been an easy run, and there’s been some serious ups and downs, but with perseverance and optimism, I’m sure I’ll get there.  And if I don’t, at least I’ve given it my best shot!

I might write about money.  Or lack of.  There may be some travel stuff.  Possibly some lifestyle shiz.  And if I learn anything cool I’ll let you know.

Why ‘Wednesday Weekend’?  Well apart from being a band name I wanted to use in the 90s, it’s about a mindset.  Why wait for the weekend to enjoy yourself?  Why can you only do fun stuff on Saturday or Sunday?  Getting financially independent can change this.  Sort your money out.  Change your priorities.  Party like its the weekend every day!

Join me, and the rest of the FIRE community.

Sometimes changing one thing can have dramatic results!