I currently have a list of maybe 30ish subjects that I want to talk about.  And I’m not going for just mass content – these are things that I’m passionate about and want to see if I can help or interest the single reader of this blog (thanks, by the way).

Todays been good day.  I had a great breakfast with my oldest friend, with some great chats.  I went out with the gang sightseeing (we live in a beautiful part of the world), had my dinner and the seat down to write on one of those subjects.  I was torn between something about travel, or something about changes in social interaction.  I have rough drafts ready, a few new ideas, and having had a lively discussion with my friend this morning I was leaning towards the latter.

So why happened?

The internet.  The internet went and happened again.

Im pretty good.  I have most of my  notifications turned off, I deleted my personal facebook account years ago, and I have 2 games left on my ‘phone.  But I picked up that essential bit off kit to check my notes (apple notes is pretty good really…) and thought “maybe ill just check twitter quickly”.  

2 hours later, here I am.  Just starting on a post that was never fully intended, but has grown organically from my own personal circumstance.

A bit of history.  Im a child of the 80s.  We didn’t have internet [gasp].  We didn’t have mobile ‘phones [shock].  We had 4 channels on the TV [wow].  And we had to look for information in these things called books, that lived in libraries, and we were limited to the amount of these books we could take home.  

We all know how it is now, with no limits on ANYTHING.  But all this content that we now have access to might be ‘free’, but it actually has the greatest cost of all. 

Our time.

Im not saying things were better back then.  I mean, I think they were, and I certainly had a happy childhood, but we sure do have a lot of things good now too.  

Todays problem is not limited to just today.  When I was a kid I could certainly find something less productive to do than my homework.  There were trees to climb, or biscuits to chomp etc.  And as I got older there were girls to chase (unsuccessfully) and beer to drink (mixed results).  But its so so very easy now to waste hours without even noticing, and without achieving anything!  At least I would have actually climbed that tree.

So, in summary, I have only succeeded in annoying myself and typing a bit of a rant this evening.  

But it does hopefully create a good point, and maybe serve to remind me, and you, dear reader.  

Being entertained is fun.  But at the cost of doing something you actually want to do our care about?  And at the expense of time?  Your time?

I dunno.  

Find your balance, as I need to re-find mine.  


Create whatever you want.  A blog post.  A meal for your family.  A memory.  A fitter body.  A plan.

Do it for you, and the people around you.

You’ll remember it more than the things you consume.

Or worse, they consume you.


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