Yes, yes, and (I’m sure we all saw it coming) yes. But what does it mean? And I’m not talking about a ‘bigger picture’ kinda what does it mean. I’m talking about what does it mean to YOU?

The gurus and wise can all tell you what you need to know. There’s always someone wiser and more experienced then ourselves, after all. They have learnt and honed their skills and knowledge to say, well you should follow my way of thinking – its guaranteed! Read them ,learn from them, and if you want try to emulate them. But we’re all different, and different things work for different people.

Personally I’m an all-in kind of person. I discovered FI and all the things that came with it, and threw myself in pretty much right into the deep end. That works for me (not always but that’s for another time) but might not be for you. Ive been the same with loads of things in the past too – gym, relationships, hobbies… Sometimes its even worked out!

These are the basics that might help you think about what’s important to you.

Invest in your savings!

50% savings rate? Well that would be nice. Im saving every penny I can, but I have a low cost of living at the moment. If you don’t, then don’t beast yourself up about it. If life is tough, or expensive then you’ve got to take care of that first. Take it easy on yourself, try your best, and aim for a bit better. Numbers don’t lie though, and no savings at all is not going to help you long-term.

Invest in your education!

Yeah I could get more qualifications, but that won’t really help me in my current career. Plus I’m tired. And I want to play xbox tonight. And degrees are expensive. Theres loads of excuses, and you might have the same, so listen to them and see if they’re bullshit or not. Theres a lot to be said for being clever, and you’re not born with it – you have to learn it. If you’re young (I hate you) then do your best don’t waste your time. If it has to be learnt then actually do it.

Always be learning. It makes you more interesting too… 🙂

Invest in your health!

Well I am a little addicted to exercise. The gym is my relaxation and ‘safe place’. Ive got to say that I can’t see anyone having a reason not to try to get or maintain fitness. The pay off is huge in terms of feeling good, looking good (for you posers out there), and getting rid of stress. Plus a little thing called living longer?!

For those of you trying to save money, you don’t need a fancy expensive gym or the latest kit (all the gear – no idea?). Just go to a park and do circuits, or run your arse around the block a few times.

Invest in your relationships!

Two words:

  1. Family
  2. Friends

I guess you should have colleagues, networks, classmates, teachers, and all kinds of other people listed, but these are my two essentials.

You need your family. More often than not your parents are your best friends. They have your back, they know you better than you know yourself, and they’ve been good to you. This isn’t the case for everyone, I know, but generally speaking no-one has your back like your parents. However family is what you make it. Your partner in life is family, and let’s hope you chose a good one! Keep them close, be honest and kind, and it will all work out.

You must have friends – people that support you and you can tell anything to. One will do! Remember as a kid when you had a little gang of buddies that you used to share secrets with, back up, and have fun all the time? Well you’re an adult now, and that gang of 8 friends is probably down to 2, but that’s ok. Be a good friend to the ones you have, and be open to new friendships.

Conclusion (?)

You’ve got to do it for yourself. People might help you. You can ask for assistance, or it might be offered, but you have to do some things for yourself.

Try something new today. Work to be that little bit better at any or all the above. Or ignore those and come up wit your own investments. But DO SOMETHING. Because the only thing holding us back from greatness is inertia.

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